jhr radio Episode 7 – Time to Party

L.A. Times Photo

Well, well, well.  It seems the world has something to celebrate.  It just so happens jhr is having a little party tonight. Our Nights4Rights poetry event is happening this evening featuring music by John Davis, spoken word from Emrical-Ricardo L’amour Blaise and poetry from John Asfour, Larissa Andrusyshyn and some talented jhr members.

Speaking of talented jhr members, our podcast was broadcast for the second time on CKUT on Wednesday:

Here’s the link: jhr radio episode 7

This episode was produced by Joey Grihalva, Arndell Leblanc, Adam Bemma, Patricia Vasquez Lopez, Michael Bramadat-Willcock, Ariel Fournier and Renee Giblin.

Adam Bemma spoke with Mohamed Abdel Dayem, the coordinator of North Africa and the Middle East for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Joey Grihalva compiled sounds of the protest from work by Zero Silence, Ramy Raoof, Tamer Shaaban and CUTV News, Concordia’s own television network.

We played a song by Emrical, who will be at the poetry event tonight, called Mon Rêve.


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