jhr radio – episode 8 The poetry event


This week the podcast is a little different.

Our poetry event from February 12th was, if I may say, a resounding success.  Still, we understand if you might have missed what was possibly the human rights poetry reading OF THE CENTURY, so we have kindly made it into this week’s jhr radio broadcast.

Here’s is an abridged version of the event: jhr radio episode 8

You can always listen to our shows on your radio dial every other Wednesday on 90.3fm CKUT at 7:30am.

We are taking over every medium in this event – not only were we reading and radio-ing poetry, but CUTV very kindly featured the event on their news show. You should definitely watch that (we’re about 20 minutes into the show).

If you still feel like you missed something here are some pictures to reinforce the feeling that you were right there.

The event was hosted by Daryn Wright and featured readings from Giselle Macdonald, Laurence Tenenbaum, Emrical Ricardo L’amour Blaise, Larissa Andrusyshyn and John Asfour with the music of Jonathan Davis.


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