Stop rape dead in its tracks with your mighty toonie

How can one student, one school, your school, help bring peace to the lives of women in the Congo?

The answer is simple, HOLLER and DONATE.

Of course, $2 alone will not stop sexual violence, but your support will help jhr reach its goal of doing what journalists do best – shining a light in dark corners.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been called the Rape Capital of the World, thousands upon thousands of women are victims of sexual violence every year.

This HollerDay, March 4th, make as much noise and raise as much money as possible to make real, sustainable change in the DRC. Every dollar you raise will go directly to supporting women’s rights in the Congo.

Every dollar donated will go directly to jhr (Journalists for Human Rights) programs fighting widespread rape and other forms of sexual abuse in the DRC. Again, you can donate online, but the amount jhr Concordia is asking from each of you is so small, I bet it’s hidden in the depths of the fold of your futon! In that case, hand it to a jhr exec member, and we’ll donate it in your name.



jhr is Canada’s largest international media development organization. jhr’s goal – to make everyone in the world fully aware of their rights – is as unique as it is powerful. Creating rights awareness is the first and most necessary step to ending rights abuses. By mobilizing the media to spread human rights awareness, jhr informs people about human rights, empowering marginalized communities to stand up, speak out and protect themselves.

Go to to raise your voice.


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