“Libyans Within Uprising”

We have breaking news! The latest controversial issue of the Middle East, is that of Libya.

Gadhafi vs. the people of Libya. Actually it seems that international states maintain a few interests within the country, so perhaps we can expect they (mainly the U.S.) will ride in with a batallion of white horses, adding a lot more pressure on the current regime .

If you aren’t clued in on what the current issue is all about…

Most Arab societies have the same structure that caused the Tunisian uprising: unemployment, poverty and political repression. A poisonous mix that eventually will cause the people of the country to fight for their ‘lives’.

The year 2011, a year for the books indeed! One man in Tunisia started what would soon be a domino effect throughout the Middle East and North Africa-Mohamed Bouazizi attempted to kill himself by setting himself on fire. This act of dispair started a chain reaction of riots and protests throughout the country. The people standing up for their rights and rightfully claiming what was theirs by birth, led Egypt to gain the will and courage to  follow suit.

On February 15, 2011, the streets of Tripoli, the capital of Libya, were filled with utter chaos just days ago, which then spread to Benghazi. The people of Libya took to the streets in protest against the current dictatorship of Moammar Gadhafi. A man who seems to resemble nothing even close to what a “good President” should, but embodies everything of a crazed tyrant.

What is a tyrant? What makes for a tyrant? Well let’s go to the very root of the word shall we…

The word that derives from the ancient Greek word- Tyronnos, basically cuts down to mean a sovereign or any ruler and/or leader that uses his power in an oppressive nature or unjustly.  This ‘person’ would be the type of person that would be in a position of authority, who exercises his power to control all who are under him,  to follow him and to carry out his will, whether or not it is for the greater good of his people.  All that to say, we clearly know what a ‘tyrant’ is. Whatever the definition; over the years, decades, centuries, even as far back as… or no wait, let’s go with something that still brings a very fresh and vivid image to our minds: Russia-Joeseph Stalin; China- Mae Tse Tung; Zimbabwe- Robert Mugabe; Germany- Adolf  Hitler, etc… the point is we all know what a tyrant is and what atrocities came from their time. They all had one thing in common- running the RIGHTS of HUMANITY into the ground.

Now yet another tyrant stands in our midsts. Another tyrant hides out in plain sight, behind Libyan borders and behind the walls of his bunker. Stubbornly he remains in rule. Delusioned he states that there is no uprising in his country and his people love hime. Yeah, ok… under what rock have you been dormant Mr.Gadhafi?!?!

Clearly the people of Libya have cried out- Enough Gadhafi! The people have spoken. It would seem that Gadhafi has been voted off the island, but has sunk his fangs even deeper into the country and refuses to let go. The bloodshed continues.

What can we do? Who can stop these violations of human rights?

Well to be honest, the rights of the people, as well as the ability to take Gadhafi down, remains within the people. And that very people remain divided. Some of the people remain loyal Gadhafi followers, while the rest oppose and are growing even more impatient. It’s only a matter of time before they give the ‘go-ahead’ for international actors to enter the fight. Currently they still are against ‘foreign boots on the ground’ and would rather take down the regime on their own, like their neighbours have done.

Lately certain questions have arose in heated discussions; based on whether or not the Obama administration would deploy any troops into Libya? How do the people of the United States feel about throwing more funds into international affairs?

That’s exactly it. Some U.S. citizens have said that the U.S. should not spend any more funds in military operations, but rather put the money to better use back home. Some feel that the U.S. should only act if there are immediate threats to American soil. Then the big question inevitably comes up: Why now? Why did the U.S. not jump in, guns blazing when Rwanda was soaking in turmoil?! Why did they not lend a hand when the Congo was in Civil uproar?! Why did the U.S. not help end the cyclic era of terror in Zimbabwe, by throwing the ruthless monster Mugabe out on his butt?!

Benefits? That’s the question they ask themselves before they intervene. Unfortunately. But at the same time, fortunately, Libya has a trading card- OIL.

Latest updates:

U.S. lands a plane in Tunisia to help fleeing migrant workers of Libya across the border.

 Italy, France, Britain and the European Union dispatched heavy-lift planes, ships and aid funding to help migrants make it home.

Gadhafi continues to fight. Libyan government forces launched a counter-attack against a key-oil facility and air base in the rebel-controlled eastern Libya two days ago.

Gadhafi vows to “fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet.”

What is Canada doing?

We sent over 240 sailors and airmen on the HMCS Charlottetown (a warship) on a undefined humanitarian mission to Libya.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada is sending $5 million in aid.

 Hmmmm… $5 million is what exactly, against let’s say.. oh I don’t know, maybe the TVA network owner investing between $33 million and $200 million in an upcoming Quebec City hockey arena?!

Yeah can we say ‘priorities’?

While Gadhafi still threatens that this will turn into a bloody war if the U.S. or NATO enter Libya.

Now what can be done? Can anyone force Gadhafi out?

A World Government perhaps- yeah no, that doesn’t exist. But the UN has a say… but exactly… it seems that’s all they have.

Libya is a member of the UN and as such, after the Council held in Geneva, the Libyan Government have been instructed to meet with its responsibilities: to protect its population; to immediately end all human rights violations; to stop attacks against civilians; and to respect the popular will, aspirations and demands of its people. I don’t reckon that Gadhafi will be taking this too seriously.

The greatest issue with the UN, is that they have the power to influence and can ask other international actors to do their part and put pressure on the country by applying economical and political sanctions, but this is all just a game of politics in the end. If there’s something in it for other countries, then by-golly-wow, will we then see some motion.

So maybe Libya will have help in the end… the U.S. might use their influencial status and economical and political means to force Gadhafi out. Just maybe…

If I’ve learned anything, talking about it, word of mouth and voicing your thoughts here and now is the step! If you have something to say about the current world issue; need to vent or have any comment at all, feel free discuss it here.


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