jhr radio – Episode 9

In this episode, Ariel (vp communications) figures out how to embed audio!  Thanks Joey (vp radio)!

This episode includes a feature by Adam Bemma on Montreal Musicians of the World Symphony. American correspondent Joey Grihalva debriefs on the protests in Wisconsin and speaks with a union leader there. Arndell Leblanc put together a package with audio recorded by Jillian Kestler D’Amour, our Israeli correspondent in Jerusalem, on a Palestinian town that has been demolished 19 times.  Jean Phillipe Marquis interviews Aidan Pine from Conflict Free Concordia on conflict minerals and mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Anchors: Adam Bemma and Joey Grihalva

Technical Production: Arndell Leblanc

Women’s Day Report by Shannon Baker

Hanging around and watching people work hard: Ariel Fournier.

Also, this is our first episode that will be featured on rabble.ca. Stay tuned for more information on that.

We will continue to broadcast documentary style episodes over the summer and we broadcast every other week on 90.3fm CKUT 7:30am EST.  Not to get too salesmanship-y, but jhr is a great platform to get your radio work on the radio and in a major Canadian media outlet.  Think about it.  You too could be a “senior correspondent” by working on 3 episodes with jhr radio and have content on the air, on rabble and on this lovely blog.  Okay, pitch over.

See you in radio land in two weeks!


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