Elections: Have your way with jhrC

It’s the time of year when trees are teasing us with new spring buds and tulips are sprouting up in un-snowy patches. A time for renewal and, if you can ignore the smell of poo, an invigorating season.

Speaking of a new season, jhrConcordia will be holding its first election on March 31st at 11:30 at Loyola campus, CJ-3.306. Come wrangle your wits to see if you’ll be the next president, communications VP, outreach VP or finance VP.

In addition to these four classic roles (descriptions below), we have also developed a strong radio component (a branch of communications) on campus. We broadcast on CKUT and Rabble.ca every two weeks and we hope to grow and become THE place in Canada for jhr radio.

President – The Chapter President is responsible for communicating with head office, serving as the Chair person at meetings, co-signing financial transactions with VP Finance, and acting as the public figure of the Chapter.
VP Finance – VP Finance is the treasurer of the organization. They co-sign all financial transactions with the President, and is responsible for managing the Chapter Bank account and providing jhr Head Office with financial information.
VP Communications – VP Communications is responsible for all communications within the Chapter, both internal and external. Internal communications entails the emailing of information to Chapter Members and Chapter media (website, Twitter, Facebook) and external communications through the issuing of press releases and the sending out of messages over the listserv.  They are also responsible for maintaining Chapter program statistics.
VP Outreach – VP Outreach is responsible for facilitating the Rights Media training to their community.  This can come in the form of administering the Rights Media workshop or being involved in community events that promote social justice and Rights Media in varying capacities.

You can also get involved with the chapter without being an executive member:

What Do Chapter Members Do?

You will gain some of the most dynamic and influential experiences on campus with jhr. And it’s a great resume booster, of course.

As a member, you will:

  • Get Published in Speak Magazine and/or the Rights in Review Academic Journal. Be involved in Canada’s only Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.
  • Run Fantastic Events like MAKE MEDIA MATTER and Night 4 Rights.
  • Become a Human Rights Educator through our Train the Trainer program.
  • Intern in Ghana for a full media internship in radio, video and/or print journalism.
  • Create Your Own Rights Media through magazines, radio shows, podcasts, you name it!
  • Make an Impactful and Sustainable Difference in the World. Need we say more?

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