NEWS: Venezuela : State media workers can’t protest in their own networks

 LM | Venezuelan Correspondant

Venezuelan journalists and audiovisual media workers belonging to the SNMP (Public Media National Syndicate) are protesting outside of the Los Saberes square in Caracas for the right to review their collective contract which hasn’t been renewed for the past 21 years.

A protest against private owners that are looking to exploit their personal for a low salary and poor benefits, you would say, except for the fact that the 200 protesters don’t belong to any private media, they’re employees of the state.

The protest consisted mainly of employees of the top three governmental networks in the country (Venezolana de Television, Telesur and ANTV) joined by staff of the Ministry of Information and Communication (MINCI).

Picture: Protest of media workers with signs that read: “We’re not marginated nor greedy. We’re just a poor and oppressed working population” and “Stop the corruption”.
(Source: El 

The truly interesting thing about this protest is that not one of the networks they were representing reported it and the information was only given air time in Globovision, a private-owned station very well known for opposing to the actual line of government.

Not the first time and probably not the last either that the national media will deliberately ignore news that appear negative to the state in order to cover the cracks in the foundation of their “21st century socialism” that is everything but working.

So when the president proclaims that venezuelans have freedom of speech, sure we have, we can publish and express ourselves as much as we want in: one private tv station, a handful of journals, radio stations and the internet. But for how long until this limited “freedom” starts drawing the line closer and closer to complete censorship of all media?

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