NEWS: World Press Photo in Montreal

Jennifer Braun | Social Media Coordinator

The World Press Photo exhibition is back in Montreal for another year. Once again, talented photographers from around the world submitted diverse pictures of major events in world news, art and sports. This year is the 54th annual exhibition of the World Press Photo, with a record number of over 108,000 submissions.

The 2011 collection consists of work from 54 photographers that was carefully selected by a jury of 19 candidates. Visitors of the exhibition will discover photographs from around the world, including pictures from Brazil, Indonesia, and Pakistan. The photographs can be of a sensitive nature, depicting images of pain and suffering.

However, the photos that were carefully selected for display can show beauty despite the horrors that may be found, claimed World Press Photo foundation member Youri Yantzen , in a press conference on Sept.7th .

The Winning photograph by South African photographer Jodi Bieber is the perfect example of beauty and horror in one single photograph. The picture is of an 18 year old Afghan woman named Bibi Aisha. Her nose was slashed off when she ran from her husband, complaining of abuse.

The jury members concluded that despite the image of a young woman disfigured by physical abuse, the winning photograph remained an “optimistic picture because you see the strength in her eyes,” explained Yantzen.

Many prizes were awarded to photographs taken during the Haiti aftermath, including the award for first prize general news singles and for first prize spot news stories. Photographs from other major events include pictures from the Pakistan flood taken by photographer Daniel Berehulak and photographs of the Mount Merapi volcano eruption in Indonesia. The photographs that were chosen for the exhibition illustrate well the diversity that can be found around the world , and can characterize the photographers that took them.

Joining the Montreal exhibition this year is a non-profit organization named AnthropoGraphia. This exhibition displays 16 photos of human rights issues selected by agencies world-wide. It also generates awareness on issues that happen all over the world. These issues include prostitution and gang violence, and are told with visual story telling through photographs. Often the images appear in sequences of around 6 photos and one by one tell a story.

World Press Photo gives photographers the opportunity to share their photographs and also gives its audience a chance to participate in the evolution of photojournalism. World Press Photo exhibition will be in Montreal until Oct.2 at Marché Bonsecours.



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