UPDATE: October Monthly Update

Arndell LeBlanc | jhr Concordia President

Journalist for Human RIghts Concodia PresidentHow the time does fly, it has only been a month since we officially have been in operation and already we are making a huge impact. We have been on the airwaves, on the web, in classrooms and on the streets spreading rights awareness. We have also have been creating a ton of rights media. Now that we are in the begining of this, the second month of our fully operational team,the kindling has been set and now we must feed this ever-growing wave of achievements. We have been featured on rabble.ca and on jsource.ca. We have hosted a great speaker Dr. Julie Norman. Contributors and members are a constant flow in our inboxes. None of this could be done without the great time at jhr Concordia and our members.

Thank you so much for your support. Now enough from me, what is going on at jhr Concordia?

Speak4Rights-2: Felix von Geyer

The time has come for the second instalment of our Speak4Rights series, this edition will host Felix von Geyer. A freelance sustainable development journalist, Felix von Geyer teaches Energy Policy in global politics at Concordia University. In his words ” I’ll approach it from a consciousness-raising perspective about rights, their assumptions and how frail they are.”

Weekly Radio: RightsTalk and RightsReport

Tune into one of our two weekly radio shows. RightsTalk, a show where jhrC members discuss Human Rights issues from the headlines, airs every Thursday Morning at 8:10 am on CJLO 1690am.  The RightsReport, is a show that has hit the top of the Rabble.ca charts and most recently has been featured on J-Scouce.ca, it’s a 15 minute bite sized Human Rights report that airs on Friday mornings at 8am on CKUT 90.3 fm. Tune in to hear what all the buzz is about! The RightsReport is also available on iTunes and Rabble.ca.

jhr Concordia | CHAPTER UPDATES

New Coordinators join jhr Concordia Team:

We are pleased to announce the additon of two new members to our team, Jessie Mathieson as our new TV Coordinator and Hilary Sinclair as our new Print Coordinator. That means we shall be putting more energy into our TV and Print media. Feel like testing your video or print skills? Why not contribute. Contact print@jhrconcordia.com or tv@jhrconcordia.com

VP Finance Position Still Available:

We are still currently looking for a person to join our executive as the vice president of Finances. The position entails working with the executive, working a budget and managing fundraisers.

To apply email info@jhrconcordia.com

Wanted: Contributors and Correspondents:

We are always looking for new contributors for our, website, radio shows,  photo, tv and print media.  If you are interested send an email to info@jhrconcordia.com

jhr Concordia |Future Events 

Twitter™ Workshops | TBA :

We are currently in the process of finding a venue for our Twitter™ workshop. The course has already been designed by our VP of Social Media and our Social Media Coordinator with the help of CTV/CBC tech columnist Elias Makos. Stay tuned for further updates with location and time.

Cross Canada Photo Tour | October 31-November 4:

Two photo essays from students taken on the themes of CIDA’s priority issues in Ghana. Essays have been created by jhr Universitty Media Interns. Agriculture and Education. A visual way to explain some human rights issues in Ghana.

HollerDay | November 4th:

This year jhr is using HollerDay to Stand-Up and Shout!  We are standing in solidarity with millions of women, men and children affected by sexual violence We are standing for what is right. We are standing for what we believe in we are standing for 16 hours for the 1.6 million women who have been victims of rape in the DR Congo. The event will be a Concert and Open mic where people and enjoy good music for a good cause and also speak their minds. More Info Soon.

jhr Concordia |Discussion 

Join the Conversation:

Join the conversation, have your voice herd, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare and online. We want to hear from you. What issues would you like covered? What can we do to improve what we are doing? What events would you like to see? We want feedback!

Opinions for the website:

What do you think of Responsibility to Protect aka R2P? Share you thoughts with us. Send OpEds to Blogeditor@jhrconcordia.com


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