RADIO: Rights Check-up #3: 2011 Human Rights review

Adam Bemma | Radio Coordinator

 2011 was a year of unprecedented human rights abuse. Arab Spring protests across the Middle East and North Africa were met with brutal state-sanctioned violence. However the idea of replacing autocratic regimes with democracy spread all over the world and was reported by human rights activists and bloggers alike, turning anyone with a cell phone, or camera, into a journalist.

2011 was also the year Journalists for Human Rights at Concordia University (jhrConU) in Montreal, Canada, began producing human rights-based media, to raise awareness about human rights issues and abuses taking place around the world. In the third edition of the jhr Rights Check-up, the jhrConU news team: Arndell Leblanc, Damiano R., Jessie Mathieson and Shereen Rafea, take over CKUT 90.3FM airwaves to review some of the important human rights stories of 2011.

To listen or download the rights check-up click Rights Check-Up#3


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