EVENT: The Truth that Wasn’t there Premiere

jhr Concordia and CUTAM , in collaboration with Amnesty International, TAMill, jhr McGill and Amnesty International Concordia presents the very first canadian screening of the award winning documentary, The Truth That Wasn’t There.
The premiere of this film will take place at H110 (Concordia university Hall Building – 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest)

The Truth That Wasn’t There is an award-winning documentary about three student filmmakers who cross the frontlines in the wake of civil war in Sri Lanka. In doing so they became the first independent journalists to visit the final battlegrounds. This is the story of what they found.


The screening will be followed by a discussion panel featuring experts in the field of the Sri Lankan conflict and human rights as well as an interactive Q&A period with the film makers.

Tickets will go on sale January 25th, 2012 and can be purchased in advance for 3$ from any member of the organizations included in this screening.

If you would like to purchase a ticket, you may do so by sending an email to socialmedia@jhrconcordia.com

The Truth That Wasn’t There

Awards: Second Best Film – Film South Asia 2011
Directed By
Guy Gunaratne
Produced By
Heidi Lindvall


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