RADIO: The 16th Rights Report

Adam Bemma | Radio Coordinator

The 16th edition of the jhr Rights Report brings attention to gender-based violence in Canada and around the world. First, International Crisis Group President/CEO Louise Arbour wrote an editorial in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper calling on Sri Lanka to end gender-based violence against Tamil women. Second, Missing Justice is a Canadian movement calling for a national public inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada.

*Rights Report news update*: Khader Adnan, a Palestinian activist being held in an Israeli prison without trial or charge, has surpassed 50 days of a hunger strike against inhumane treatment. Many fear Adnan may die in Israeli custody if he doesn’t receive urgent medical care.

Stay tuned to the jhr Rights Report in the coming weeks for more on Adnan’s hunger strike and illegal detention. For the latest, check Twitter: #KhaderAdnan #9febHungerStrike

To listen or download the report click Rights Report #16

The RightsReport airs on Montreal’s CKUT 90.3 fm on the Friday Morning After Show. Tune at 8:30 for the Rights Report. Live Stream via


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