NEWS: The story of Florah Terah

Adam Bemma | Radio Coordinator

Flora Terah is a Kenyan women’s rights advocate and 2007 parliamentary candidate. Terah tours Canada sharing her story of triumph over tragedy, speaking about the physical and psychological violence she suffered at the hands of men for challenging the status quo in Kenya.

Following the 2007 electoral violence in Kenya, she founded her organization Terah against Terror and wrote a book about her situation and the murder of her only son. She also spoke at the Legacy of Malcom-X event at Concordia University on Friday, Feb.18, 2012.

The video below, recorded by Journalists for Human Rights Concordia, shows Terah at the Malcom-X event, telling the crowd her story.

Editor’s note: Take a look at our archives for a past interview with Florah Terah.

Also,more coverage of the Legacy of Malcom-X to come.



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