RIGHTS TALK COLUMN: Venezuela and human rights

Audrey A.Binette | Contributor

 Editor’s Note: This new column aims to promote a discussion on important human rights issues in the news.  It is a space to highlight rights news along with the writer’s brief analysis of the topic. This week JHR Concordia contributor Audrey A. Binette discusses Venezuela in the very first “Rights Talk” Column. 

We learn on September 11  that  Venezuela wants to withdraw from the American convention relative to human rights. This issue is decisive and raises a lot of questions from the Convention as well as other country who are wondering What is the real issue behind that decision and how would it profit to the Venezuelan government to do so ? This announcement is for a lot of people a really bad prediction for the region and his people. As Navil Pillay, the High Commissioner for Human Rights stated on the UN News Centre, :“The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights have not only had an extraordinary positive impact on human rights in the region, but also served as pioneering examples which showed the rest of the world how vital and effective regional human rights bodies can be.”

Pillay urged the venezuelan government to reconsider his decision to ensure that the rights of the Venezuelans as well as the Latin americans can be protect and defend.  No comments have been made from the government on that matter since the announcement. Previously President Chavez had argued that he contemplated the idea of exfiltrate the Inter-American commission on human rights, blaming the said commission of wrongly campaigning about his government and working for the interest of the U.S government, the Vancouver Sun reported on Sep.10.

 For my part I believe that theses reasons are nothing but bad excuses from President Chavez who clearly has actions in mind that are going to come into conflict with the charter of the Convention on Human Rights , so he preferred to retreat right now than facing the consequences of his actions later on. Which is horrible news for all the potential victims of Human Rights who are going to lack the resources to be protected and represented by regional organizations.

Many critics have been made, all supporting the same issue, that is ;  the protection of the potential victims of rights abuses. As Liliana Ortega declared in interview to the Vancouver Sun, not only it is a really bad political decisions , its also about the message the venezuelan government is sending to the world. If the decision become effective it would be a considerable step back for the regions and the people who struggled to gain those Human Rights enforcements. As we can see this news has great importance and sought attention from the  international community, lets hope that the responses will play role in reversing Venezuela’s decision.

Note : What are your thoughts on Venezuela’s decision? share your opinion on this week’s “Rights Talk” topic in the comment section below. 



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