RIGHTS TALK COLUMN: School Girl Shot by Taliban

Audrey A. Binette| Contributor

 On Oct.9 , in Swat valley, a young Pakistani school girl, Malala Yousafzai is the target of Taliban who doesn’t tolerate a girl speaking out about her rights and standing up in front of them. The Taliban got into her school bus and shot her in the head, wounded her seriously and injured two others girls.

The actions taken by a girl at such a young age to denounce life under Taliban threats, her right of schooling and having the same rights as men are simply unbelievable. Malala cooperated with BBC Urdu as an annonymus blogger since the young age of 11 years old to write about the ”suffering  caused by militants who had taken control of the Swat valley in 2007 and ordered girls’ schools to close.”( BBC News) Her parents are activists as well and received a lot of death threats by the Taliban.

Ihsanullah Ihsan, a spokesman, defended the attack in a message to the The Sunday Telegraph on Oct.13 He said ”the decision to assassinate Malala was unanimous and had been reached in accordance with Islamic law.” He also added that ”We are not supposed to care for the will of people, we are just obliged to follow Sharia.” and that Malala was promoting Western and secular values.

The government have not been very proactive related to the oppression by fundamentalists Taliban and thanks to the devotion of Malala, women have a voice who claim and defend their rights. Her courage and determination are a source of inspiration. This young role model received last year the National peace Award,renamed the National Malala Peace Prize and in 2011 she was nominated for the Children’s peace prize. She is now recovering from  surgery and doctors predict that ” neurologically she have significantly improved” but  she will have a long way to go to recover. This brave young lady inspired many of her schoolmates and had them determined to achieve an education. Her best friend said in The Sunday Telegraph that they will ”stand by Malala’s dream”

Editor’s Note: Share your reactions to the shooting in the comment section below.  



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