JHR Concordia : Scholarship announcement

Damiano Raveenthiran | JHR President

JHR Concordia’s president: Damiano Raveenthiran announced a Human RIghts Documentary scholarship to the Concordia community during an event to commemorate Malcolm X’s legacy on February 15th, 2013.
The scholarship was made possible thanks to a collaboration between JHR Concordia, CODOC and ASFA.

In March 2012, Damiano Raveenthiran, at the time Vice President of JHR Concordia, contacted Guy Gunaratne, creative director of CODOC, to screen Guy’s first documentary called ‘The Truth That Wasn’t There’. Through the screening of this documentary, JHR Concordia was able to raise an extra 1000$, which was turned into the Human Rights Documentary Scholarship.

The scholarship will be available to any Arts and Science student at Concordia University starting in September 2013. To apply, candidates will have to submit the first cut of an original Human RIghts documentary as well as pass a formal interview.



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