NEWS: Message from the President

Damiano Raveenthiran | President

DRHello dear JHR Concordia members,

After a very eventful year full of great successes for Journalists for Human Rights Concordia, it is now the time to elect a new executive team for the school year 2013-2014. It has been a real pleasure for myself and all of the rest of JHR Concordia to work with you all.
Personally, I have grown immensely through this experience and I hope that you will continue to support #RightsMedia as the new JHR Concordia continues in its legacy of spreading human rights awareness.
I would like to say that JHR Concordia wasn’t only a university club to me and to many in it for the past two years. JHR Concordia changed many of our lives and has created friendships and careers that will forever be cherished by the ones that move on, such as myself.
I can confidently say that I am not the same person I was before I joined JHR Concordia. All of this has had a huge impact on my life and I am a much better journalist, friend and all around human because of it. This is something I cannot thank former president Arndell Leblanc enough for.

During my presidency, JHR Concordia achieved what many thought was impossible for a student club.
We started the very first Human Rights Documentary Scholarship at Concordia, we won the Best Humanitarian Club award as well as the Third Place for the Best Overall Club at the CSU Clubs Gala.
On top of that, we’ve flown down award winning speakers to Montreal to enlighten us on their vision of a better tomorrow for Journalism and for Rights Media.
That being said, I have full confidence that the candidates that have applied to be part of the executive team will be able to keep this legacy alive and to ensure that JHR Concordia remains the most active JHR university chapter in the world.
Most importantly, the new JHR Concordia executive team will have to be able to touch lives and bring about positive change as members of the organization have done in the past.

Today, we sent out the electronic elections form so that you may choose the right candidate to run our organization for the next year. As for me, I will remain on the JHR board of executive advisers on a non-voting position, along with our former presidents so that I may offer my experience to the new executives.

It has been a real pleasure to serve you all as the President for 2012-2013 and, for one last time,
I’d like to thank you all for supporting #RightsMedia.
Your loving president,

Damiano Raveenthiran


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