Fourth Annual Legacy of Malcolm X event at Concordia

By Marilla Steuter-Martin

157093_163962900313624_7798572_nNow in its fourth incarnation, the Legacy of Malcolm X event presented by Concordia’s Thaqalayn Muslim Association and Student Union seeks to honour the life’s work and values of this influential human rights advocate.

The event will be held February 28, at the D.B. Clarke Theatre inside Concordia’s Hall building, and will feature a documentary screening, speeches from the directors and spoken word performances.

Malcolm X is one of my main inspirations and his thoughts and motivations can be of great lesson to us,” said Ibrahim Sincere, one of the spoken word poets who will perform. “I would like to continue his message as much as possible, and couldn’t miss the opportunity to do it in Canada.”

Sincere says this is an issue close to his heart and that after reading the autobiography of Malcolm X, his interest in race and equality issues has only grown.

“I have been increasingly thinking about and reading into modern day racism, white supremacy, [and] colonialism… and continue to spread truth and knowledge about these subjects’ realities in todays world and its damage mainly to the mental, physical and spiritual health of Black and Brown people,” said Sincere.

The film to be screened at the event is titled Forgive Me Mother and it concerns the experiences of former child soldiers in Uganda. It is estimated that approximately 30,000 children and teenagers have been abducted and forced to bear arms and commit violence in Uganda.

According to the description: “Forgive Me Mother tells the tale of their struggle to re-integrate into their own communities, their pleas for forgiveness for the atrocities they committed and their own thoughts on their life in the jungle and the Lords Resistance Army.”

Filmmakers Guy Gunaratne and Heidi Lindvall are scheduled to speak at the event. Founders of production company CODOC, their previous collaboration resulted in the 2011 film, The Truth That Wasn’t There.

During a 2012 TEDx talk, Gunaratne spoke about the release of Forgive Me Mother, putting two photos of young African men on the screen behind him.

“Which of these young boys,” he asked the audience, “is the victim of this war and which is the perpetrator?”

This is the core discourse presented in the film and not an easy question for anyone to pass judgment on.

Tickets for the Legacy of Malcolm X event are $10 for students and $12 for non-students. They can be purchased at the Concordia Student Union office located in the Hall Building, Room-711.


For an example of Sincere’s poetry, check out:

To watch Gunaratne’s full TedX, click here:

See the Facebook event here:


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