Executive Position Descriptions

It’s elections time at JHR!

We need new motivated people to take over the executive team positions for 2014-2015, and now is the time to apply! You want to apply but you can’t make up your mind as to which position you want to apply for? Well here is a short description of each position to help you make up your mind! 🙂

Apply, apply, apply! And good luck!


The president’s role is to ensure great coordination between all the executive members and see to overlook the activities of the whole organisation. The president assures the planning of meetings, as well as the communications between the Concordia Student Union (CSU) and the rest of the team.

The president makes final decisions as to what events are going through or not, how much money will be spent on what, etc. The president assigns tasks to VPs and coordinators and assures follow up on the tasks assigned.

Vice-President of Communications

The VP Communications’ role is mostly to ensure that human rights related events get the coverage they deserve on our website. It involves sending out story lists as often as possible in order to let our members know what is going on in and around Montreal that we would like to see covered. When someone is interested in an idea, the VP Communication, who acts as an editor, will discuss deadline and word count, and edit the article before posting it on the website.

Vice-President of Finance

The VP Finance’s role is to overlook the budget and keep track of the other executive team member’s finances. The VP Finance assures that the members of the executive team get their money back when they spend money on something for the organisation, by filling the appropriate forms and handing them in at the CSU office with the original detailed receipts.

Vice-President of Outreach

The VP Outreach’s role is mainly to organize events and get in contact with the best resources to make those events happen. All VPs are required to help in the planning of events, by proposing ideas of speakers, locations, activities and what not, but the VP Outreach is mostly the one who will be getting in touch with the appropriate people. The VP Outreach somewhat represents the association when it gets in contact with people and must remain polite and professional at all times if we want to guarantee future collaborations.

Vice-President of Social Media and Promotions

The VP Social Media and Promotions’ role is to, as it’s name state, manage the social media accounts and dispatch tasks to the social media interns (i.e. Daily tweeting and Facebook posting). Also, when JHR is planning an event, the VP Social Media ensures that is gets adequately promoted on Facebook and Twitter (i.e. also shared by other execs on their personal profiles), and takes care of designing posters and promotional material.


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