jhr is Canada’s largest international media development organization. Our goal – to make everyone in the world fully aware of their rights – is as unique as it is powerful.

At no time in history has the media been more powerful – we live in the middle of ‘Communications Age’. At jhr we are harnessing this power because it is simply the most effective and efficient way to create wide-spread societal awareness on rights issues.

All jhr programs promote Rights Media — the process of writing, collecting, editing, producing and distributing media that creates societal dialogue on human rights issues.

In post-conflict countries -including the Congo (DRC), Liberia and Sierra Leone – jhr mobilizes local media to reach millions of African’s regularly with human rights stories.

Across North America, jhr has an established presence on university and high school campuses, encouraging students to spread rights awareness within their own communities.

Both in Canada and abroad, jhr works in close partnership with local media owners and editors, journalists, journalism professors and students, to improve the overall media environment and make the world a better place.

Since its founding in 2002 by Ben Peterson, recipient of Canada’s Top 40 under 40 Award, jhr has been known for its straightforward approach and its dedication to sustainable results.

to learn more about all of jhr’s work visit www.jhr.ca


One thought on “About

  1. Hello Concordia jhr Chapter,

    Wes Normington from jhr’s head office here. Hope you are all pumped up and ready for HollerDay!

    First off, on behalf of the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – thank you very much for your participation in HollerDay. Widespread sexual violence in the DRC is a tragedy that can be stopped.

    In addition to making as much noise as possible this HollerDay, it is absolutely crucial that everyone participating raises as much money as possible from their networks of friends and family. By asking people to donate, you will be making an immediate impact in the fight to end widespread sexual violence in the DRC.

    The first step is to register. To do that, you can follow this link: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/startup.aspx?eventid=63048

    Every dollar counts. Sign up today and spread the word to your friends and family that you have committed to taking an action that will make a difference and the women of the DRC need their support.

    Thanks again everyone.

    Happy HollerDay!

    Wes Normington
    Grant Writer
    jhr (Journalists for Human Rights)

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