Isabel Iglesias



Isabel is transitioning from VP Outreach to President of JHR Concordia this year. As President, Isabel hopes to bring together the Concordia and Montreal community and show the light on many Human Rights cases locally, and internationally. Growing up in a very diverse family, Cuban and Macedonian, Isabel is in touch with her culture and knowledgeable about the politics in both of her native countries. She wants to pursue a future in Human Rights Journalism using her skills of writing, networking and photography.

 Melanie Stevens

VP Social Media and Promotions





Melanie Stevens is excited to join JHR this year as the VP Social Media and Promotions! She is a third year student at Concordia, pursuing a B.A. with a Joint Specialization in Sociology and Anthropology. Melanie has spent her past two summers working on social media for a well known integrated advertising agency in Toronto. She is excited to bring her expertise to JHR. In the winter months (so, all year in Montreal), Melanie is an avid skier and enjoys watching the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Habs.

Maria Margarita Caceido

VP Outreach



Maria Margarita Caicedo is a third-year student at Concordia. Originally from the United States and Colombia, she came to Concordia to study Political Science (major) and Human Rights (minor). This is her second year working with JHR in the position of VP Outreach. Maria hopes to in the future dedicate her life to humanitarian work to improve the lives of immigrants in the United States.

Sultan Dhesi

Editor In-Chief





Sultan Dhesi is currently a student at Concordia University, and is the executive editor of the institution’s chapter for Journalists for Human Rights Concordia. Sultan’s political interests’ can be attributed to his upbringing; his family emigrated to Canada from Iran because their basic rights were being marginalized due to their status as a religious minority in a predominately muslim nation.
Sultan was inspired by his peers during the “Printemps Erable” which took place in his home province of Quebec to become more active in local politics. During this period he advocated for social justice, and human rights.
Sultan is a firm believer in the basic rights for human beings in his home country, and abroad. His main areas of interests include the geopolitical situation in the Middle-East, and the global push for LGBT rights.

Stephanie Inumerable

VP Finance







I am a 21 year-old Montreal, Canadian, full-time student at Concordia University, majoring in Political Science, human rights enthusiast, and aspiring lawyer. I have previously interned for Astral Media: Virgin Radio, CHOM 97.7, CJAD800 in social media and advertisement. In addition, I am a weekly volunteer at YMCA Canada. Working for a non-profit charitable organization has widened my prospects on an humanitarian scale. I am a proud partner of JHR and I strongly believe in sustainable human development. My past experiences and my drive for positive and progressive global change compel me to insure continuous awareness of man as a political animal.

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