This November, make as much noise, and raise as much money, as possible to support the wonderful, yet unfortunate, women of the Congo.

HollerDay is not a standard awareness raising campaign or boring old fund raising event.

HollerDay combines both awareness raising and fund raising—because both are needed equally if we are going to make the lives of women in the Congo better.

Firstly, HollerDay challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and make as much noise as possible—grab a megaphone, write, sing, dance and generally HOLLER—about women’s rights in the Congo. The more people know about the terrible treatment of women there, the more can and will be done about it.

Secondly, but just as importantly, HollerDay challenges you to raise money. Get your friends, family or strangers in the street to support your HOLLERING efforts. More than just awareness is needed—money is necessary to fund projects that directly help the women of the DRC. We know you can Talk the Talk. But you have to Walk the Talk too. All funds raised will support jhr’s (Journalists for Human Rights) work in the Congo aimed at amplifying the voices of the country’s women and putting pressure on their elite to take action.

Join us this Friday, Nov.4 at the seventh floor of Concordia University’s Hall Building from 8 a.m till 12 a.m. Events include Self-defense workshops, human rights lectures, brunch and wine & cheese, and even a flashmob.

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