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Write for Rights!

Concordia’s new chapter of Journalists for Human Rights seeks to provide perspectives on human rights issues on a local, national and international scale. In providing a dynamic forum for discussion, the website encourages awareness of various rights issues, as a means of mobilizing media and changing lives.

We welcome articles and editorials, whether produced specifically for the blog or for class. Just send us your pieces, and feel free to include any art or photos you’d like to see accompany them.

We are also interested in published work, your own or something you stumbled upon somewhere and would like to share. Simply submit a link and a short blurb about the piece (why you like it, perhaps a short summary of the issue, etc.)

We are seeking a local events surveyor to keep track of human rights-related events we can publicize on the blog, as well as photographers who can capture important events, or provide photo essays.

Let’s seize the opportunity to exercise our rights to freedom of expression to share the stories of those who do not have the same privilege!

If you are interested in contributing please contact Isabel Iglesias at:


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