Terms and Conditions / Guidelines

Firstly we must thank you for you support, we will do what we can to help get your story out into the media but we have some rules that must be followed.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. JHR Concordia has the the right to approve or not approve a story at any time.
  2. JHR Concordia can opt to assign a reporter of their choice to cover the story in whatever way they chose to cover it. ( We will do our best to train anyone to use the media and to contribute but the final say for who will cover a story falls upon the editor.)
  3. JHR Will not sell your story ideas to any other group or media organisations. We are non profit and believe that free media is a right.
  4. We will not take anything that has been sold to another media organisation — unless there has already been an agreement between our media organisations.
  5. We will never publish a story which we deem to be hateful, racist or against our morals.
  6. Just because a story is created and reported DOES NOT mean that it will be published. A story may be canceled at any time, this is up to the discretion of the editor and executive.
  7. JHR Concordia reserves the right to change it’s Terms and Conditions whenever it sees fit. ( This can only happen if the executive votes in agreement to the change.)

If you have any questions please Contact Us under the General Inquiries heading.


Feature stories aimed for print must be accompanied by photographs/video/audio to which you have the rights. If  you do not have any media you can ask help from the appropriate coordinator to see if there are any ones available. Features that do not incorporate another mediums will be sent back for review.


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