‘By Any Means Necessary (White Supremacy)’ Poetry by Ibrahim Sincere



By Lee-Ann Mudaly- Two days until the big event. This is the fourth annual legacy of Malcolm X. The screening of the CODOC documentary based in Northern Uganda, Forgive Me Mother, aims at igniting critical thinking of the masses. Yes, we have all heard the story of the child soldier being abducted and forced into joining the militia, but what of the perpetrator? Who really is the victim of war– the perpetrator or the child soldier? Are they one and the same? These are the questions you all should ask yourself. Everything you thought you knew about the ongoing issues of child soldiers, may not be so. It’s all about the stories being told.

Ibrahim Sincere, is a storyteller and a man of words. Sincere’s poetry is much like words turned into melodic verse to provoke thought. In his poetry performance, By Any Means Necessary, his first thread of words start intertwining through complexities of racial issues and perceptions, of not only past, but present. He weaves in and out of an invisible historical timeline of past struggles, of stories not forgotten and all the way through to the need to keep fighting for what’s right. By the end, his words have laid out an intricate design; much like a tapestry of time, and has you the listener questioning the very same issues, and your part in it. I say, question away, remembering that ‘words are just words’ until they gain meaning. What meaning will you give these words?

***Click image above to go to video of Ibrahim Sincere’s ‘By Any Means Necessary’***

Join us this Friday, February 28th at 6p.m., at the D.B. Clarke Theatre (Hall Building, Guy metro) Montreal.  If you haven’t picked up your tickets, do so asap! Tickets are $10 in advance at the CSU. There will also be tickets at the door for $12. See you there!


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